Roger's Skills List

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First off, I aspire to be a technological generalist to the extent possible and in pursuit of that goal, I have earned a bachelors degree in technology management:
NAU Degree

In addition to these academic pursuits, I have also been involved in several various extracurricular activities as follows:

1. I have created and published a desktop program that aims to make it easier for math and science teachers to use touchscreen/pen devices for delivering their instruction. You can find more about it here.

2. Being an avid Linux user myself I chose to give back to my local community at the time by setting up a Linux lab for my fellow Community College students to use. This volunteer work eventually made it into the local paper as part of a broader college remodel story which you can read about here.

On a more practical level, I have used my technology skills to create solutions to some everyday problems that I have encountered. Here are a few such solutions:

1. I have created an online calculator for converting lines from one form to y=mx+b. It can be found here.

2. I have created an online calculator for exploring and sizing rainwater collection systems. It can be found here.

3. I have created a program to smoothly reduce the hotend temperature while 3d printing. I use it to increase bed adhesion while still avoiding printing the rest of the part too hot. This program can be found here.

4. I have used computer code and an arduino to pulse the fan in my air conditioner to make it quieter.

5. I have edited the computer code that operates my 3d printer to add relevant menu options.

6. I have used a spare Raspberry Pi computer to create a white noise generator so that I can sleep better at night.

7. I have used Google Apps Script to create the infrastructure necessary for students to schedule online tutoring appointments with me.

8. I have used Google Apps Script to set up an automated bot that prepares a daily email for me containing the weather, and some relevant discussions that I might be interested in from various forums.

9. I have created a networking setup for my parents and I that securely separates the relevant networks form each other while also accommodating guest access, a local server, and smart devices. Here is a picture of this setup:
Networking setup

While creating all of the above projects I became familiar with a large variety of tools, frameworks, and programming languages. Here are some such things that I have become somewhat familiar with:

Programming languages: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, C++ Python, Bash, Google Apps Script, C#, Visual Basic, Ruby.

Frameworks and platforms: Electron, .net, Qt, Google Workspace, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows.

Tools: Git and Github, Geany, Chrome Developer Tools, Arduino IDE, LibreOffice, MS Office.

I have earned a bachelors degree in technology management:
NAU Degree

I also have an extensive history of working as a tutor helping students with Math and Computer programming dating back to 2011. Much of this tutoring was done at Mohave Community College where I worked part time while going to school. I also earned some tutoring certifications which can be viewed here.

During my time as a tutor at Mohave Community College, I received this orchid in the local paper:
Words from image: Orchids to Roger the MCC computer student who volunteered to assist the Saturday computer group and so patiently answered questions. Also to Cherie Houston, a fabulous guest speaker.

To supplement this tutoring activity I built an online tutoring system and a whiteboard program from the ground up. You can check these two things out here and here respectively.

I started experimenting with building things very young. Here I am building a shelf at age 5:
Image of Roger building a shelf at age 5.

I was then tutored by a mechanical engineer when I was roughly 11:
Image of Roger being tutored by a mechanical engineer when he was roughly 11.

I then helped build our house in Lake Havasu City from an empty lot onward. Here is a picture of the lot before the house followed by one with the house:
Image of empty lot before house.
Image of house Roger helped build in Lake Havasu City.

During our time in Havasu I worked on many of my dad's rental properties doing various repairs. These repairs included doing roofing, tile, plumbing, electrical, and cleaning among other things.

I have also dabbled with off-grid solar systems. Here are some of my experiments:
Images of Roger’s solar experiments.

I have also restored a 3d printer and learned to use CAD to create and print objects:
Some pictures of Roger’s 3d printer and CAD work.

Here are several other representative things that I have built: First off, the redwood coffee table I built at age 13:
Image of Roger building a redwood coffee table at age 13.

Here is the lapidary equipment that I built when I was roughly 15:
Some pictures of Roger’s lapidary equipment.

Here is the camper that I built for my truck:
Some pictures of Roger’s camper.

And finally, here is the desk that I built for my new room here in Mesa:
Two pictures of Roger’s desk.

Thus, to summarize, I have had lots of experience building many various things at many points throughout my life.

I was born to parents who loved gardening:
Roger gardening with parents.

Unsurprisingly, I also started gardening at a young age:
Roger’s first gardens.

After we moved to Lake Havasu City, I completed the Arizona Master Watershed Stewart Program:
Roger’s Master Watershed Stewart Program Certificate of Completion.

I also grew many successful gardens in Havasu despite the extreme climate:
Havasu Garden pictures part 1.
Havasu Garden pictures part 2.

Now that we are in Mesa, I still continue to garden:
Mesa garden pictures.

I helped my mother digitize over 15,000 photographs over about 4 years worth of our combined free time. The source material consisted of both slides and printed pictures. We used a slide projector and a digital camera for the slides, and captured the prints with the system shown below:
Roger’s Mother using his picture digitization device to digitize printed pictures.
More images showing Roger’s picture digitization device and the stack of digitized prints.

There were also several dozen tapes with family videos that I helped digitize. My programming skills came in very handy to process all of the digitized material.

Once all of this digitization was completed I organized the entire collection into a format that would be easy to view on various devices.

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